17 October 2021

Never Give Up Actively Build Fifth Bridge on New Road TMMD Kodim Tapsel

TAPSEL,- The tiring journey is not always felt by the TNI soldiers from Task Force Kodim 0212/TS . They are immediately enthusiastic in carrying out their duties, because the implementation of the TNI Manunggal Manunggal Membangun Desa (TMMD) aims to equalize development in all fields, so as to improve the people’s economy.

There is no unyielding word let alone despair for an Army Soldier. They will devote all their abilities for the successful implementation of TMMD in order to achieve satisfactory results.

The TMMD Kodim 0212/TS Task Force carried out the construction of the 5th of 9 bridges to be built in Siuhom Village, West Angkola District, South Tapanuli Regency, Sergeant T. Panggabean, Sunday (4/7/2021), said the spirit of never giving up is always imprinted in every Task Force.

This spirit has always been a driving force for the Task Force to immediately complete the construction of the fifth bridge to support the construction of new roads